Hpylori treatment (30 days)

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🌿 Introducing our Ultimate 30-Day Treatment Protocol for H. pylori, the pinnacle of effectiveness in eradicating this bacterial infection and restoring gastrointestinal harmony.

🔍 Our comprehensive protocol harnesses the power of nature over a 30-day period, providing a thorough and sustained approach to tackling H. pylori.

🍵 Included in the protocol is our potent H. pylori Support Tea, meticulously formulated with herbs renowned for their ability to inhibit bacterial growth and promote gastric balance.

🌟 Take charge of your wellness journey with our Ultimate 30-Day Treatment Protocol for H. pylori – the definitive solution for achieving long-lasting relief and vitality.

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About Hpylori treatment protocol

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory cure for Hpylori bacteria.

The Hpylori treatment protocol is officially the best hands down especially if you have this bacteria reoccurring.

🎉100% success rate,
💃🏽 Hpylori Negative (after testing)
🛑 No more belching/burping, Gas, upper abdomen pain, indigestion, bad breath & many more.


Provides you access to a Hpylori healing course (softcopy)

Feature Ingredients

Calendula, Lions Mane , Moringa, Mallow and herbal mix

Suggested Use

On an empty stomach, use it once a day before a meal. Take a flat teaspoon of herbs and put in a cup of hot water. Steep for 10 minutes.


If you have high blood pressure or a history of one kindly choose "yes I have" in the question above.


Success Rate

Included in the box

Hpylori herbal remedy

Hpylori healing course

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