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I found cure for 10 years of stomach pain and lost 5 inches off her belly fat


I lost 3 inches off her belly fat and her period is better


Herbal Remedy

To balance hormones that increases belly fat

Diet Therapy

Hormonal and blood sugar balancing meal plans

Lifestyle Recommendations

Lifestyle holistic approach to balance hormones


Belly Shriker Pro

Access to a nutritionist for 30days to help you achieve your flat tummy goals


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Over 2500+ women have used the belly shrinker pro with 5 star reviews

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Take a free easy to do assessment on your health, plus lifestyle and body goals.

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Which belly fat package is best for you ?

Not sure which to choose between the belly shrinker and the Naxatea. Compare them and choose the best based on your root cause.

Belly Shrinker
Belly Shrinker Sale price₦33,000.00
Naxatea Sale priceFrom ₦17,000.00
Root cause

Hormonal issues i.e PCOS

Gut issues i.e bloating, comstipation

Diet therapy

Blood sugar balancing meal

DIY meal plan

Group consultation



Lifestyle Recommendations



100% natural ingredients

About us

Founded in 2018

Nene Adedeokun first founded Naxawellness in 2018 as a means to cure her hormonal and gastrointestinal issues.

What we do

Hormonal & gastrointestinal issues

We help women who struggle with hormonal and gastrointestinal issues heal and lose fat using holistic herbal approach.

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