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Hey there, it is time to get real about one of the major struggles that we face: Hormonal belly fat. If you are a member of the Naxawellness community you’re no longer a stranger to the pursuit of a healthier, happier you. But guess what? I’ve been on this journey too and let’s be honest, hormonal belly fat is a very annoying fat that sticks longer than we prefer. So let’s get cozy and let me share some personal story.

My Naxawellness Beginning:

Before Naxawellness rebranded it went with the name Naxafitness, My journey with Naxafitness started with a desire for a healthier life and a trim waist so I could rock crop tops in university. One thing that drew me to the brand was the promise of a holistic approach to wellness and boosting my confidence which was what I craved at the time. It was an exciting start and I was all in!!

Before I had a consultation with the Naturopath I had no idea I had hormonal belly fat but after I highlighted my symptoms to the Naturopath and carried out a hormone profile test, I was then diagnosed with hormonal belly fat. Click this link to find the root cause of your belly fat. 

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms please take that bold step to fixing it.

  1. Increased fat storage in the abdominal area:  This is actually the most important one, because this has to do with the accumulation of excess fat in the stomach region and it is particularly stubborn and challenging to lose.
  2. Weight gain, especially around the waist: Hormonal imbalance can lead to a lot of weight gain and the weight often tends to concentrate around the midsection.
  3. Increased Appetite: some hormonal imbalances can trigger intense anger and cravings for sugar and high calorie foods, and this was one of the major things I suffered from. Imagine craving a bottle of Fanta by 2am?! That’s extremely ridiculous!
  4. Bloating and Digestive: Feeling bloated, excess gas in the stomach was a serious symptom for me.
  5. Skin Issues: most times people with hormonal belly fat may experience skin problems like acne, skin tags, imagine going from having a clear skin to dealing with acne that you are struggling to identify it’s root cause.

It is important to note that experiencing some of the symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have hormonal imbalance, but if you suspect that hormonal issues are contributing to your struggle in losing belly fat  then it is time for you to take the next step in prioritizing your wellness.

Naxawellness has prioritized providing as many women as possible with personalized solutions to their needs and restoring their confidence. 

Ultimately, I encourage you to take that confident step I took some years ago to prioritize wellness.

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