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Introducing the Happy Menstrual Package, a comprehensive solution designed to support menstrual health by inducing periods, regulating cycles, and promoting a healthy flow. This empowering package includes:

🍵 Herbal Remedy: Formulated to stimulate ovulation, regulate the HPO axis, and induce periods naturally.

📚 Happy Menstrual Course: Gain invaluable insights into optimizing your menstrual health. Learn how to address common issues like PCOS, find relief from PMS symptoms, achieve pain-free periods without relying on NSAIDs, and much more.

Embark on your journey to a happier menstrual cycle with our holistic approach to women's wellness.


Regain your hormonal balance and say hello to regular cycles. Try our happy Menstrual irregular period package today!

Period problems? Happy Menstrual Package have you covered! With a potent Herbal Remedy and an
informative Menstrual Course, prepare for a pain-free and healthy flow!


Provides you access to a menstrual course.

How to use

Take a flat teaspoon of the herbal remedy and put in a cup of hot water. Brew for
10-15 min and drink first thing in the morning

Included in the box

Happy menstrual package

menstrual course

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