Gut Power Pro

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The GUT POWER PACKAGE heals your GUT, Acid Reflux/GERD, Gastritis & LPR.

🍵 Gut Tea: Reduces inflammation, heartburn, regurgitation & the feeling of something stuck in your throat. Improves digestion, balances stomach acid, and many more.

🍎Superfood: (Comes in 2, the Supergreens & Redy-to-go) This consists of 30+ vegetables that are high in fiber and nutrients that helps you heal your gut, reduces nausea rich in antioxidants and many more.

📚 Gut Healing Course: Understand how to heal your Gut using Nene (founder of naxawellness) as a case study. Learn how she healed her gut to heal her GERD, how she came off PPI and Antacids, how to create your customized meal plans, and many more


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About Gut Power

Unlock your gut’s healing power with our Gut Power Pro

Introducing our gut-healing solution for acid reflux, GERD, gastritis, and LPR. our program includes a
gut-healing tea, nutrient-packed superfoods, and a comprehensive course tailored to your gut type. Say
goodbye to gut health issues and a healthier you!


Provides you access to a Gut healing course (softcopy + hardcopy)

Meal Plan

YOU diet plan

Featured Ingredients

Licorice, Slippery elm, Moringa, Clove, and 25 + herbs

Suggested use

On an empty stomach, use it once a day before a meal. Take a flat teaspoon of herbs and
put it in a cup of hot water. Steep for 10 minutes


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Included in the box

Gut Tea

Gut Healing Course


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